Performant, differentiable reinforcement learning

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Reinforcement learning with derivatives

deluca is a jax-based library that provides differentiable environments, control algorithms that take advantage of such environments, and benchmarking tools.

This software is currently in alpha and is changing rapidly. We have a paper describing the library available here.

Getting started

deluca is a Python library that can be installed via pip install deluca.

Example notebooks

We maintain a number of Jupyter notebooks and will continue to add more:

Example without derivatives

import jax

from deluca.envs import Reacher
from deluca.agents import Random

env = Reacher.create()
env_state = env.init()

agent = Random.create(func=lambda key: jax.random.uniform(key, (env.action_dim,)))
agent_state = agent.init()

action = jnp.array([0.0, 0.0])
for i in range(100):
    env_state, obs = env(env_state, action)
    agent_state, action = agent(agent_state, obs)


If you find our work helpful, please consider citing the associated paper:

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